man fuck chicken

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man fuck chicken

by SweetCandy 6 months ago

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by Anyi876 2 years ago

So beautiful I can imagine the sweetness the man feels and the bad addictive

by Sarah 3 years ago

10:30 is the best one. I fucking love seeing what a man can own with his huge dick. that chicken stands no chance. just have to deal with it.

by hunggranddad 4 years ago

Never thought I'd be into fucking chickens. But now I find myself watching every chicken fucking video I can find. Something about big cocks in such small birds is a real turn on. I'm surprised the chickens take it so well. When I get fucked in my ass with an average size cock it can hurt unless I'm well lubed and the guy works his fingers in slowly first to warm me up. Those chickens take it like a champ. Good to know they are quiet in case I have a chance some day to try one!