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1. Acceptance of the conditions of use

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The acceptance of the legal notice will have a contractual nature and must be full, not allowing conditioned acceptances.


2. Conditions

- Enter Zoofiliavids.com and use our services in a conscious, free and goodwill manner and respect the integrity of the site you access, nor use it as a platform for the commission of illegal acts.

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- That you will not use any of the programs or information contained on this website for illicit or lucrative purposes, either by direct sale or by the sale of material in which they have been used. Warning you that all the material exposed here has been compiled from places of free access and distribution.

- Zoofiliavids.com does not constitute in any case a hosting service, storage, file hosting or a P2P network.


- We do not support illegal acts and in particular we reject computer hacking and illegal and morally despicable activities such as child pornography or the like.

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- If in your country, this type of page is prohibited, you and only you are responsible for entering Zoofiliavids.com.

- If you decide to stay on our website, it means that you have read, understood and accept the conditions of this website.


3. Termination

- Zoofiliavids.com may at its sole discretion temporarily suspend or definitively deactivate a user's account, without prior notice to the user, and without the need to invoke any cause, proceeding in such case to the elimination of all information related to account.

- This website reserves the right of admission and/or permanence of users within this community without prior notice.

- The termination or suspension of our services will not accrue in any type of obligation and when using our services you declare that you will not make any claim for any direct or indirect action that we could carry out and that affects you directly or indirectly.